The Yattokame Festival
a chance to encounter a never-before-seen Nagoya
During Japan's feudal Edo period, myriad arts flourished under the ruling Owari Tokugawa clan.
Kyogen and a variety of other art forms thrilled the hearts of Nagoya's residents,
and this enjoyment was carried down through day-to-day life as traditional culture.

Meanwhile, in out-of-the-way corners of the city,
long-forgotten stories of yore...and when we carefully retrace the maps with fresh eyes,
everywhere we go, we arrive at history and traditions with ties to today.

Wander about, and you're sure to encounter the fair visage of Nagoya, a city of culture.
Let us be astonished at the expressions that appear, laugh deeply,
and recount together the heretofore unglimpsed views of Nagoya.

The entire city is the stage for celebration of "A Place of Art, a Place of Journeys – Nagoya."
It awaits you again at this year's Yattokame Festival.
If you want to know more, please contact us.
Inquiries: info@yattokame.jp
Urban Performances
From the beginning…
Much of Japan’s performing arts emerged from the bustling streets from which the performers formed a cultural community. The modern day streets still maintain that culture, and this is where this project was born. The performances in this project re-ignite the traditions!
Stage Performances
The world of Japanese performing arts is very deep indeed.
The art of Noh was patronized by the ruling samurai caste, and admired by the townsfolk. Without seeing it, you cannot fully appreciate its traditional role or craft, nor can you understand the roots of this city. The world of Noh is a world beyond your wildest dreams, a world that lives on, in Nagoya City.
Educational Programs
Introduction to “Nagoya Studies”
Follow the footprints of history through the city to discover secrets, stories and valuable cultural heritage. You’ll see the city in a different light having seen, heard, touched and experienced on this fascinating and enjoyable course.
Nagoya Walking Tours
I Love Nagoya Mini Tour
On 39 well-loved strolls, you can walk with a guide who loves Nagoya. Find out how the sights you see are rooted in history and culture. Feel the thrill of discovering hidden treasure. New walks added. To little-known spots, trace the steps of historic people. It’s great fun to walk through the streets and see sights that express the deep charm of Nagoya.

Opening ーLive Streamingー
Sat, 23 October from1:00 p.m.
Yattokame Festival YouTube Channel
Street kabuki, Tsuji Kyogen, Kōdan

Some contents will be available for a limited time.

Urban Performances

The tale of Kodai-in "Nene", the wife of Hideyoshi Toyotomi has begun to attract attention
because in three years it will be the 400th anniversary of her death.

Street Kabuki

Online Event

Hideyoshi, a world-renowned man born in Nagoya in the Owari domain, is known for his successful career, but his supportive wife Nene, was the driving force behind this success! It is said that the two got together in a love marriage, which was rare in the Warring States period. They continued to live in the Nagoya area for the rest of their lives after the unification of the country. We tell a bright and entertaining story of the prosperity of these two souls.

When Sat, 23 October from1:00 p.m.
Script and Direction Kazumasa Nishikawa (Head of Nishikawa School of Nihon Buyō)
Performers Sōken Kudō (Head of Kudō School of Nihon Buyō), Tokiwazu Tsunaho, Mizume Ito, Reisho Mase
Music Tsutomu Tanaka

Urban Performances

Discover the Japanese culture with Kōdan, the traditional art of storytelling.

Kōdan Traditional Oral Japanese Storytelling and Traditional Folk Songs

Kyokudo Rinrin

Online Event

A traditional form of storytelling, performed by speaking rhythmically following the CLAP CLAP of the paper fan hitting the lectern. Storyteller, Kyokudo Rinrin, gives a lecture about this area. Is it a classic, fiction or a Go player's biography!? This Yattokame Festival will exceed your expectations! It's already the second year since the start of the coronavirus crisis, so gargle, wash your hands and laugh. Yattokame Festival, we have been waiting. Rinrin hits the stage to entertain!

When Sat, 23 October from1:00 p.m.
Performers Kyokudo Rinrin

Urban Performances

Everyone will laugh out loud

Tsuji Kyogen Hagi Daimyo

Online Event

Kyogen, with a history of over 600 years is the oldest comedy in Japan. Then and now the human condition hasn't changed and it keeps delivering a warm and generous laugh. It is a story that trascends time, spun in the present.

When Sat, 23 October from1:00 p.m.
Program Hagi Daimyo
Performers Inoue Matsujiro, Inoue Soudai, Yonekura Hiroki

Urban Performances

Edo style Shamisen music and Joruri, a story that tells about the tragic love
between Minamoto no Yoshitsune and Princess Joruri.


Online Event

Tokiwazu is Kabuki to listen to. We invite you to the world of this popular Edo period story with the musical tone of the Shamisen and the stylish narrative and dialogue of Joruri balad drama.

When Sat, 6 November
Performers TokiwazuTsunaren (Tokiwazu Tsunaho, Tokiwazu Tsunami, Tokiwazu Tsunachika)

Urban Performances

Nagoya's Sawagi Uta

Orthodox Nagoya Jinku,Atsuta Godo-bushi

Online Event

There is also a one-point song lecture along with performances and stories by Nagoya Jinku and Atsuta Goudo Bushi, of whom you will surely have heard, of Hauta (short love songs) and Kouta (ballad‐type songs) related to the Nagoya area. Let's sing about Nagoya together!

When Sun, 14 November
Performers Ha-uta: Hanabusa-ryu Hana-no-Kai, head Masako Hanabusa, head Komasa Hanabusa, others

Urban Performances

Spend a great time at a traditional Japanese restaurant

Traditional Japanese Dining with Parlor Games and Shows

Meigiren Kumiai

Enjoy elegant traditional Geisha entertainment while relishing a delicious seasonal Kaiseki dinner, a sophisticated Japanese haute dining. You will be able to spend a delightful time watching Maiko and Geisha dance performances up close. You will also have the opportunity to chat and play a variety of traditional Japanese games with these amazing artists. This year Ozashiki Asobi will be performed in English especially for English speakers to fully enjoy this unique experience.

*The price includes the food charge, taxes, and service charges. Beverages can be paid for in cash on the day of the event.
*Doors open 30 minutes before the scheduled start. Be aware that no admissions are allowed until then.
*Before coming to any event, please be sure to check the precautions regarding preventive measures against the spread of new coronavirus infection.

Ozashiki Asobi in English

L code:47323

Reservation required (From this year the ticket purchase method has changed. For details, please see the back cover of the official program)

When Sun, 7 November from5:30 p.m.
Where Kamome(4-85 Shirakabe, Higashi-ku)
Performers Meigiren Kumiai (premier Nagoya geisha federation), Princess Samurai Of Japan — Madam Odai (Odai No Kata) —
Price ¥14,000
Max People 35



Nagoya's Energizing Japanese Sweets

Get off the beaten tourist track and explore Nagoya's traditional sweets (Wagashi) shops during Yattokame Bunkasai Festival. This is a great experience for all food lovers, sweets enthusiasts and those who like to know more about Japanese tradition. Yattokame Bunkasai will provide a sweets map featuring the most traditional sweets shops around Nagoya.

Holding Period Sat, 23 October - Sun, 14 November
Participating shops Aoyagi Sohonke KITTE Nagoya, Ichida, Umeyamitsutaka, Osu Uiro Osu Main Store, Kakuozan Furoen, Kyogashi Kame Hiroyoshi, Kameya Yoshihiro Honten, Kawaguchiya, Onkashi-tsukasa Kikyo-en, Onkashi-tsukasa Kikuya, Onkashi-tsukasa Kikuya Shigetomi, Kiyome-mochi Sohonke, Arare-no-takumi Shiraki, Suzume-odori Sohonten, Daikokuya Honten, Okashidokoro Tsukuhaneya, Nayabashi Manju Banshoan Osu Banshoji-dori Shop, Onkashi-tsukasa Furoen Masamitsu, Mannendo, Minochu, Onkashi-tsukasa Mochikan, Mochibun Sohonten & Honten, Ymamadamochi narumi and Ryoguchiya Korekiyo Higashiyama Shop (total 24)

• Recipes and prices vary according to shop.
• Collect stamps and win Yattokame Cultural Festival original goods! Here is what you need to do: Just collect the stamps you will receive when buying a wagashi from any of the shops shown on the The Nagoya Wagashi map. Send the stamps collected during the Yattokame Cultural festival by ordinary mail to the below address and you will receive a Yattokame Cultural Festival original good.

Japanese confectionery shop walk navigator: Minori Kai
Writer: More than 30 books on discovering and introducing “kawaii things” and “good things.” Her articles in books and magazines have covered confectionery, miscellaneous goods, travel app bookmarking, local toys, local bread, souvenirs, classic architecture, and other topics. She also presides over Loule, an enterprise that carries out planning and events for miscellaneous goods.

Learn about Nagoya Sweets on "Nagoya is not boring" blog post

Special Menu

Experimental Dramas: Sotoba Komachi and Aoi no Ue

Nagoya Omokageza

Online Event

This time it's a play. So far, we have tried lectures, performances, and workshops at Omokageza, but now we will deliver theatrical performances online. This is an attempt to incorporate the various themes of song, Noh, science, video, and poetry, which we have adressed in the past six lectures, into the expression of theater. It's an experimental play, so to speak. The performances are "Sotoba Komachi" and "Aoi no Ue" based on the "Five Modern Noh Plays" by Yukio Mishima. Mishima re-edited the story of the old woman and the high priest in the original text in his song "Sotoba Komachi" (1956). Old and young, mind and matter, holy and profane, single moments and eternity... We believe that the symbolism of these pairs should be re-re-edited in the present age when everything is becoming more and more frank. How will Mishima's vulgar cliche of operetta-style be reminiscent of 2021? Witness that!

When Sat, 23 October - Sun, 14 November
Where Yattokame Festival YouTube Channel
Appearance People of Omokageza

Special Menu


Social Good Upcycling Design Workshop + Talk

Upcycling is the creation of a new product by adding new value such as design and ideas to waste that would otherwise be thrown away. In this workshop, we will turn the ubiquitous round chair into a cherrished Baton stool by upcycling it. In the post workshop talk, we will speak about upcycling with waste design studio Bouillon and Mono Factory.

Held Simultaneously :Upcycling Design Exhibition

When Sun, 14 November from 1:00 p.m to 5:30 p.m.
Co-sponsorship Nagoya Environmental University, UNESCO Design City Nagoya Promotion Project Executive Committee
Price free
Location Chojamachi Cotton Building
Workshop participation fee 5,000 yen (capacity 10 people)
Talk Free (capacity 30 people)
Guest Lecturer Hayato Hattori, Hiroki Nasu (Bouillon) + Mono Factory

* Contents are subject to change. For more information, visit the UNESCO Design City Nagoya official website.

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