The Yattokame Festival
a chance to encounter a never-before-seen Nagoya
During Japan's feudal Edo period, myriad arts flourished under the ruling Owari Tokugawa clan.
Kyogen and a variety of other art forms thrilled the hearts of Nagoya's residents,
and this enjoyment was carried down through day-to-day life as traditional culture.

Meanwhile, in out-of-the-way corners of the city,
long-forgotten stories of yore...and when we carefully retrace the maps with fresh eyes,
everywhere we go, we arrive at history and traditions with ties to today.

Wander about, and you're sure to encounter the fair visage of Nagoya, a city of culture.
Let us be astonished at the expressions that appear, laugh deeply,
and recount together the heretofore unglimpsed views of Nagoya.

The entire city is the stage for celebration of "A Place of Art, a Place of Journeys – Nagoya."
It awaits you again at this year's Yattokame Festival.
From October 26 (Sat) 2019 to November 17 (Sun)
Throughout the city of Nagoya
If you want to know more, please contact us.
Inquiries: info@yattokame.jp
Performance In The City
From the beginning…
Much of Japan’s performing arts emerged from the bustling streets from which the performers formed a cultural community. The modern day streets still maintain that culture, and this is where this project was born. The performances in this project re-ignite the traditions!
Traditional Performing Arts
The world of Japanese performing arts is very deep indeed.
The art of Noh was patronized by the ruling samurai caste, and admired by the townsfolk. Without seeing it, you cannot fully appreciate its traditional role or craft, nor can you understand the roots of this city. The world of Noh is a world beyond your wildest dreams, a world that lives on, in Nagoya City.
Study In The City
Introduction to “Nagoya Studies”
Follow the footprints of history through the city to discover secrets, stories and valuable cultural heritage. You’ll see the city in a different light having seen, heard, touched and experienced on this fascinating and enjoyable course.
Walking Tour Nagoya
I Love Nagoya Mini Tour
On 47 well-loved strolls, you can walk with a guide who loves Nagoya. Find out how the sights you see are rooted in history and culture. Feel the thrill of discovering hidden treasure. New walks added. To little-known spots, trace the steps of historic people. It’s great fun to walk through the streets and see sights that express the deep charm of Nagoya.

- Yattokame Festival Opening Stage
This year's Yattokame Festival starts at a place of daily learning for college students ‒ the campus of Aichi Gakuin University.
Kicking off with a lively program, the launch of the cultural festival.
October 26 (Sat) from 1:00pm
Aichi Gakuin University Meijo Campus Event Stage
Street kabuki, Kōdan traditional storytelling, Kyogen, Shachihoko Challenge
Tsuji Kyogen (Traditional Street Comedy Skits) ~Big Laughs in a Big City~
The comedy performing art of Kyogen originated in Nagoya with the formation of the Izumi Ryu performance troupe. It remains Japan's oldest remaining form of comedy performance, unchanged since the days of old. The charming characters are lovable, and deliver one great laugh after another. While Kyogen was performed in Noh theatres, Tsuji Kyogen was performed on the streets, and so returns to its roots for the Yattokame Festival.
Oct 26 (Sat) from 3:05 pm Aichi Gakuin University Meijo Campus Event Stage
Oct 27 (Sun) from 2:30 pm Asunal Kanayama
Nov 16 (Sat) from 3:15pm Aeon Mall Atsuta
Nov 17 (Sun) from 3:15 pm Wakamiya Plaza (Wakamiya-odori, under the expressway)
Inoue Matsujiro, Sato Tomohiko, Nomura Matasaubro

Yattokame Daidanen ‒ Final Performance and Banquet
Yamato Takeru ‒ a figure out of Japan's mythology. Miyazu-hime, princess caretaker of the sword Kusanagi connected to Yamato Takeru, is deified at Hikamianego Jinja Shrine in Nagoya's Odaka, Minami-ku. The sword was thereafter enshrined at Atsuta Shrine as one of the Three Sacred Treasures of Japan. This work depicts an original interpretation in a form similar to kabuki of a legend that lives on in Nagoya. This is majestic street kabuki unlike anything before, with Kudo Kurakagi (4th head of the Kudo school of Nihon Buyo) as Yamato Takeru and dancer Kurachi Kae as Miyazu-hime, as well as actress Ito Mizume, formerly a performer with Nagoya Musume Kabuki, and Mase Reisho, who was the star of Rock Kabuki Super Ichiza. The finale of the Yattokame Festival is Yattokame Daidanen ‒ Final Performance and Banquet. Enjoy this year's final urban performance at Wakamiya Plaza (Wakamiya-odori, under the expressway). This spot features not just a diverse array of acts, but also food stalls to feast upon. On hand to bring the month-long event to a close will be not just visitors, but also the performers and staff members. Let's spend some lively time together as the autumn evening draws to a leisurely close.
Nov 17 (Sun) from 1:00pm Wakamiya Plaza (Wakamiya-odori, under the expressway)
“stand Coup!” events turn everyday street corners into party space for easy socializing. The project makes city locations momentarily more memorable as places.

Miyazu-hime and Yamato Takeru
Yamato Takeru ‒ a figure out of Japan's mythology. Miyazu-hime, princess caretaker of the sword Kusanagi connected to Yamato Takeru, is deified at Hikamianego Jinja Shrine in Nagoya's Odaka, Minami-ku. The sword was thereafter enshrined at Atsuta Shrine as one of the Three Sacred Treasures of Japan. This work depicts an original interpretation in a form similar to kabuki of a legend that lives on in Nagoya. This is majestic street kabuki unlike anything before, with Kudo Kurakagi (4th head of the Kudo school of Nihon Buyo) as Yamato Takeru and dancer Kurachi Kae as Miyazu-hime, as well as actress Ito Mizume, formerly a performer with Nagoya Musume Kabuki, and Mase Reisho, who was the star of Rock Kabuki Super Ichiza.
Oct 26 (Sat) from 2:20 pm Aichi Gakuin University Meijo Campus Event Stage
Oct 27 (Sun) from 1:45 pm Asunal Kanayama
Nov 16 (Sat) from 2:30 pm Aeon Mall Atsuta
Nov 17 (Sun) from 2:30 pm Wakamiya Plaza (Wakamiya-odori, under the expressway)
Kurachi Kae, Ito Mizume, Mase Reisho
Kazumasa Nishikawa (Head of Nishikawa School of Nihon Buyō)
Tanaka Tsutomu
Performers may be subject to change.

Nagoya Local TV Spirit
- Then and Now Talk Session by the Creators of Legendary Television Programs
Nagoya has a number of legendary variety programs, including "Paroparo Every Day" (CBC TV), "Oto Mo Dachi Da Ze! Kibun Wa Session" (Tokai TV), "Ojaman Night" (Nagoya TV), and "5 O'clock SAT Magazine" (Chukyo TV), and with "audience participation" and "public recording" as their key concepts, they created a unique TV culture. It was an era when the creators at the respective television stations tackled daringly tackled challenges while touting the significance of broadcasting from Nagoya. With "then and now, television is a wellspring of vitality" as the topic, veterans from each station come together on a basis that transcends station partisanship to discuss the meaning and spirit of Nagoya's local television.
Schedule Nov 3 (Sun) from 1:00 pm
Place Chukyo TV Head Office, Plaza C
Price ¥500
Oniwa Takuya (CBC TV alumnus)
Sawada Takekuni (Chukyo TV alumnus)
Nakashima Kiyotaka (former producer and director at Tokai TV)
Matsumoto Kuniaki (former producer at Nagoya TV)

Kazumasa Nishikawa (Head of Nishikawa School of Nihon Buyō)
Shibagaki Kunio (Chukyo TV alumnus)
Terebi no Sempu

Parlor live
Lip-smacking cooking and hospitality provided with love amid a historic ambience. The intoxication of the incense ceremony and the art of noh -- beguiling parlor performances women over time. This is a special project that can be savored only at the Yattokame Festival.
The price includes the food charge, taxes, and service charges. Beverages can be paid for in cash on the day of the event.
Doors open 30 minutes before the scheduled start. Be aware that no admissions are allowed until then.
Parlor games


Oct 26 (Sat)
from 6:30 pm
Kamome (4-85 Shirakabe, Higashi-ku)
Meigiren Kumiai (premier Nagoya geisha federation)
Shino School of Incense Ceremony


Oct 27 (Sun)
from 6:30 pm
Koraku (3-3 Chikara, Higashi-ku)
Hachiya Sohitsu (21st Head and Successor of the Shino School of Incense Ceremony)


Nov 3 (Sun)
from 6:30 pm
Shiratama (2-36 Kamiiida Nishimachi, Kita-ku)
Hisada Kanoh (Noh Actor)

Holding an Audience, Nagoya-style
In this traditional storytelling, the speaker recounts the tale in a rhythmical way while striking the table with a folding fan. Raconteur Kyokudo Rinrin will regale you with stories about Nagoya. Be ready for surprises.
Oct 26 (Sat) from 1:45pm Aichi Gakuin University Meijo Campus Event Stage
Kyokudo Rinrin

Experience Nagoya Through Song
Nagoya is a center of the arts, and the city's songs have influenced song in myriad regions. Nagoya songs have influenced dodoitsu songs as well as the popular folk song "Otemoyan" and others, leading to songs deeply rooted in the region. This covers them together with the regional songs created through such influence, taking you on a journey through song.
Oct 27(Sun) from 1:00pm Asunal Kanayama
Nov 16(Sat) from 1:45pm Aeon Mall Atsuta

Ha-uta, Ko-uta, and Orthodox Nagoya Jinku Modish Edo pop songs
Ha-uta and ko-uta ‒ popular songs from the feudal Edo period and the turn-of-the-twentieth-century Meiji period, as well as timeless hits enjoyed even now. Enjoy a big selection of elegant and stylish songs evoking the spirit of Japan and the spirit of love, together with lively orthodox Nagoya jinku songs from right here in Owari Nagoya that have been sung since the early 1800s with shamisen accompaniment.
Nov 4(Mon) from 1:00 pm Aeon Yagoto

Nagoya Rakugo The Nagoya Kaminarimon Troupe, Active in Nagoya for a Century!
Enjoy a Nagoya rakugo performance by Kaminarimon Chicago, a rakugo comic storyteller active in Nagoya ‒ a locale holding unique status in being a place where performers from the east and west of Japan interact.
Nov 4(Mon) from 1:45 pm Aeon Yagoto
Chicago Kaminarimon

Atsuta Godo-bushi - Dodoitsu - Ha-uta Popular Songs at the Shrine of Atsuta!
"Atsuta Godo-bushi" was a tremendously popular song that originated at the shrine of Atsuta, with lyrics that go, "Soitsu wa doitsu da, dodoitsu doidoi." The song was passed down through the later feudal Edo period, when it was sung and enjoyed with "dodoitsu" as its name. Enjoy them together with performances of popular songs and ha-uta from this same period.
Nov 16(Sat) from 1:00 pm Aeon Yagoto
Ha-uta: Hanabusa-ryu Hana-no-Kai, head Hanabusa Masako, head Hanabusa Komasa, others

Shachihoko Challenge
Through practice of Nihon buyo dance moves, learn elegant Japanese movement and demeanor, and take up the Golden Shachihoko Challenge, a requisite skill for the maiko and geiko geisha in the Meigiren association, Nagoya's premier geisha federation. Don a kimono and show off the results of your practice at the Geidokoro Machinaka Hiro stage.
Oct 26 (Sat) from 1:15 pm Aichi Gakuin University Meijo Campus Event Stage
Cultural Foundation for Promoting the National Costume of Japan, Kimonogokko Yunta

Performances of Tradition Celebrating a New Era
‒ Classics Journal Commemorative Performance

Tradition Transcends Time ‒ Kyogen: Nagamitsu and Candlelight Noh: Tsuru Kame

To commemorate the transition in Japan's Imperial era this year from Heisei to Reiwa, Tsuru Kame ("Crane and Tortoise") is being performed, a piece which celebrates peace throughout the world. To show how a classical performing art is being handed down to a new generation, the performance also includes shimai extracts by college students active in a nohgaku circles. Let's celebrate the new era by candlelight.
Schedule Nov 1(Fri) from 6:00pm
Place Nagoya Nogakudo
Price ¥3,000 (student ¥1,500) (all seating unreserved)
Please do not bring preschool children.
Performed at around 5:40 pm while the venue is open

Students in nohgaku circles at Nagoya University and Nanzan University

Kyogen: Nagamitsu

Shite: Inoue Matsujiro (Izumi School)

A man from the eastern provinces is to journey to the capital for the first time in order to perform public service. En route, he enjoys seeing the sights at the market in Otsu Matsumoto. There a thief appears, and desiring the man's sword, the thief claims that it is his. However, this is investigated by two officials.... Nagamitsu was the name of swordmaker in the province of Bizen during the Kamakura period. Just how will the moves by the thief to usurp the great sword from the rube play out?
Noh: Tsuru Kame

Shite: Hisada Kanoh (Kanze School)

The story of Tsuru Kame ("Crane and Tortoise") follows events of a day on which an emperor in ancient China conducts court functions to usher in a new year. This joyous piece, in which the crane and tortoise, creatures which symbolize long life, perform a dance to give the emperor a thousand years of life, celebrates a continuing era of peace throughout the land. The palace, called Gekkyuden ("Moon Palace"), is depicted as a stately utopia reminiscent of the world of Taoist immortals. You are sure to enjoy this as a dreamlike world that transcends the mundane.

Culture Tour Imprint Stamp Collection
Each time you participate in an event, to mark the occasion, get your booklet stamped. There are many imprints to remind you of omokage and artistic events, and the best of the town. Start your collection! If you get a certain number of stamps, you will qualify to receive a supersize imprint and a special original festival souvenir. Trace the steps of your journey, commemorate what you have learned. Above all, have fun along the way!
Period October 26(Sat) to November 17(Sun)
Locations • All venues of Geidokoro Machinaka Hiro, Geidokoro Nagoya Butai, Machinaka Terakoya, Machiaruki Nagoya, and all special planning locations
• All 23 shops participating in “So Nagoya! Tour of Japanese confectionery shops”
• Nagoya Omokageza
・Stamps are not available at venues of events organized by collaborative projects.
・ Paper for imprints is available at each participating location.
・ At the Geidokoro Machinaka Hiro stage, imprints are stamped only after all performances have ended.

So Nagoya! Tour of Japanese Confectionery Shops
This year also features a Japanese confectionery tour of Nagoya. With "Confectionery That Is 'So Nagoya!'" as her theme, writer Kai Minori is seeking out qualities that are "So Nagoya!", including the confectionery's form, name, coloring, shop interior, packaging, and more. Get the "So Nagoya! Tour of Japanese Confectionery Shops" brochure (publication scheduled for mid-September), and set out to see for yourself the confectioneries that are the pride of Nagoya!
Japanese confectionery shop walk navigator: Minori Kai
Writer: More than 30 books on discovering and introducing “kawaii things” and “good things.” Her articles in books and magazines have covered confectionery, miscellaneous goods, travel app bookmarking, local toys, local bread, souvenirs, classic architecture, and other topics. She also presides over Loule, an enterprise that carries out planning and events for miscellaneous goods.
Period October 27(Sat) to November 17(Sun)
Aoyagi Sohonke Osu Shop, Ichida, Himari, Kakuozan Furoen, Kameya Yoshihiro Honten, Kawaguchiya, Onkashi-tsukasa Kikyo-en, Onkashi-tsukasa Kikuya, Onkashi-tsukasa Kikuya Shigetomi, Owarigashi Kitagawa, Kiyome-mochi Sohonke, Arare-no-takumi Shiraki, Suzume-odori Sohonten, Daikokuya Honten, Okashidokoro Tsukuhaneya, Nayabashi Manju Banshoan Osu Banshoji-dori Shop, Onkashi-tsukasa Furoen Masamitsu, Mannendo, Onkashi-tsukasa Minochu Honten, Murasakiya, Onkashi-tsukasa Mochikan, Mochibun Sohonten & Honten, and Ryoguchiya Korekiyo Sakae Shop (total 23)
• Recipes and prices vary according to shop.
• At participating shops, you can get a stamp to count towards your Culture Tour Imprint Stamp Collection total.

Komehyo in Osu is planning a s pecial sales event! Watch for it!

Nagoya Omokageza
To continually imagine and re-imagine Nagoya studies, Nagoya Omokageza is a contemporary forum to gather knowledge from within and outside the city. It is a locus for discovering traces of former Nagoya, a place where they can be refashioned, resonate, and inspire the future.
Fifth Lecture Three-string Traces ‒ Playing with Ha uta at Atsuta Shirotori
Shirotori Garden is a park evoking the majestic tale of the Kiso River that springs from the ground at Mount Ontake and returns to the vast open seas at Ise Bay. We are welcoming shamisen master Honjoh Hidetaro here at Shirotori Garden to enchant you with shamisen music for ha-uta, minyo folk songs, and more. We have also invited storyteller Shido Kei give a talk on Atsuta Shirotori. We would like to spend an autumn interlude playing with traces of far-off feudal Edo.
When Nov 4 (Mon ‒ holiday) 2:00 pm to 3:40 pm (doors open at 1:30 pm)
Where Shirotori Garden Seiutei (2-5 Atsuta Nishimachi, Atsuta-ku, Nagoya)
10 minutes on foot from exit #4 of Jingu Nishi Station on the subway Meijo Line
Cost ¥3,000 (separate admission charge of 300 yen)
Capacity 80 persons
Tickets Ticket Pia
Performers Honjoh Hidetaro, Honjoh Hidegoro, Shido Kei
Event production Kojima Shingo
Cooperation Matsuoka & Associates, Vanki Coffee Roaster

Cultural Night Visit Nagoya
The Kawabun’s Cultural Night project offers guests a casual glimpse of Japanese culture exclusive to Nagoya, Japan’s “Place of Art,” in a restaurant with a 400-year history. Whether visiting from around the corner, around the world, or anywhere in between, we offer guests educational entertainment, including performances of Japanese buyo dance, classical Japanese instruments, samurai sword performance, Japanese traditional magic, and sutra readings, as well as the chance to try on kimono or experience ozashiki-asobi (traditional Japanese parlor games). Nagoya's “Place of Art” moniker harkens back to the days of the Kyoho Reforms in the Edo period, to a time when both Edo and Osaka had lost their steam, Nagoya was said to still be bustling with the arts and culture. We offer visitors access to the artistic potential in Nagoya in efforts to help them enjoy their visit with no regrets and realize the region's charms.
When Weekdays only 10:00 pm to 11:00 pm (doors open at 9:30 pm)
2-12-19 Marunouchi, Naka-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi-ken 460-0002

・By subway, take the Tsurumai Line or Sakura-dori Line to Marunouchi Station. From Exit 2 or 4 , it's about five minutes' walk to the restaurant.
・By taxi, it's about 5 minutes from the east exit of Nagoya Station.
※As we do not have our own parking area, we suggest you take public transportation or use one of the coin-operated parking lots in the neighborhood.
Cost ¥4,500(Includes one beverage)
How to reserve You can make reservations either by online
ticketing via the Kawabun website or by phone.

When applying, please bear in mind

※Target age is 20 years or older. ※We carry out than 10 people. It may be canceled if the minimum is not reached four days in advance. In which case we will so inform you three days in advance. We will refund the full participation charge remitted and terminate your participation agreement for that event. We will get in touch with you via the HP or phone and will inform you of other dates, etc. ※Please note that the number of performers also fluctuates according to the number of participants on the day. ※Additional drinks can be ordered on a pay-as-you-go basis.

Nagoya, UNESCO City of Design x Nagoya Castle

"Enjoying Warrior Aesthetics and Palace Culture"
We are welcoming Hashimoto Mari to speak on aesthetics in samurai culture and palace culture at Nagoya Castle's Hommaru Palace. Please enjoy her talk as you experience a special after-hours viewing of the Hommaru Palace.
When January 23, 2020 (Thu) 6:00 pm to 8:30 pm (main gate opens at 5:15 pm)
Where Kujaku-no-ma and other locations inside Nagoya Castle's Hommaru Palace
Admission ¥500 (prior reservation required)
A separate admission fee is required for Nagoya Castle requires
Capacity 50 persons (to be selected by lottery if the number of applications exceeds this number)
Guest Hashimoto Mari (writer, editor, and vice-curator of the Eisei Bunk Museum)
The palace is unheated. Please dress warmly.
For applications or more information, please visit the website!
Nagoya, UNESCO City of Design

How to Purchase Tickets
Please c ontact the Yattokame F estival O rganizing C ommittee S ecreteriat by e mail.

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